How to be popular on Facebook

Spoiler: Talk about TV, music and movies, don't moan about work or sleep...
Facebook and Google are currently building up the world's largest amount of raw data on humanity; what we like, what we share and how we feel. Ironically neither company's particularly well known for sharing what we share with them but Facebook has recently released some data based on 1 million status updates. It's a fascinating look at how the older, the younger and the more 'people' use it. Here are some of the major findings. 


Young people swear more than older people
Older people have hung onto the dying art of occasionally talking about people other than themselves.
Popular people are more likely to talk about stuff like TV and movies
Less popular people are more likely to mention work and sleep
People write about very different topics depending on the time of day
The emotional content of status updates also changes wildly depending on the time of day
Updates with more positive words receive more likes
We tend to stick with those who are like us and use similar language


You can read more about the findings on Facebook’s own blog post about the data: What’s on your mind?