Hello there. 

I'm Tim Sparke. I've spent the last 15 years helping people and companies understand digital. 

Four years at Apple gave me a great understanding about how people use technology. Three years at Agency Republic taught me about communications and how we can use technology to create better experiences.

Prior to Republic, I was Lead Music Software Trainer at Apple in the UK. Before that I was at Yamaha Music, developing and marketing new synthesizers and other pro audio gear. 

I'm now a partner at The Congregation where we help some of the worlds best brands and agencies adapt to the new opportunities provided by technology. We do this by ensuring they have the right people, the right approach and the right knowledge.

Iā€™m an obsessively curious person fascinated by technology, communications and psychology. I like to channel these interests by helping people understand how they can use technology to maximise their personal and professional lives.  

Feel free to get in touch below, on LinkedIn or the Twitter if this sounds of interest.