Everything's connected

I can't remember where this is from but I really like it...
In a world where everyone is connected and constantly flowing information feeds back on itself, linear comms are becoming redundant. Brands need to be actively interesting (creating media) or useful (creating software) to be picked up and transmitted in this conversational flow. Agencies need to help brands generate a stream of marketing and retail innovations that connect with the individual passions of consumers in fluid and fragmented communities. 
Marketing has always needed media technology skills (radio, TV, film, print, etc); new digital channels and media technologies with radically different characteristics to traditional media (immersive, interactive, connected) are exploding so marketers need new skills. Agencies need to build, buy or partner to get interactive content and software development skills which can help brands be engines of culture – creating it, transforming it, constantly working with the flow of it. E.g. product placement, active sponsorship, ad-funded applications, in-game marketing, new branded media or products and services.