Apple, the iCloud & Google

Yesterday, Apple launched the future of iTunes, iCloud a hub which stores all your media, email, calendars etc. The service will provide a long necessary response to Google's great web services. In both cases, your data will be in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with a network connection. Beyond that there are some quite noticeable differences about the companies 2 visions: 

Google’s vision is about software you run in a web browser.

Apple’s is about native apps you run on devices. 

Google’s frame is the browser window. Apple’s frame is the screen. That’s what we’ll remember about today’s keynote ten years from now. 

What Apple is also offering is access from the cloud alongside downloads to your devices. Everything will be available even if you don't have network access. I have a hunch this will be what most consumers would prefer.  

The BBC has a good summary of Apple's announcements here.