6 Ways to Guarantee a Terrible Meeting

We spend so much time talking to businesses about improving their digital output but so much of it comes down to smarter working practises based on better collaboration. This post on getting more out of meetings fits that really well. 

1. Don’t do any prep work – at all

Come unprepared, with no set agenda, and you’ll guarantee that nobody knows what you need to discuss.

2. Don’t stress about punctuality

Turning up late and having no end point in sight is a great way to ensure a long, badly organised meeting.

3. Invite as many people as possible

Fill the meeting with as many people as possible to guarantee too many opinions and lots of wasted time.

4. Attend every meeting you can

Going to every meeting you’re invited to, even if you can’t contribute anything useful, will make sure those meetings are a waste of time.

5. Host your meeting in a terrible venue

Holding your meeting in a noisy, overcrowded coffee shop will guarantee a terrible meeting, where nobody can hear what’s being said.

6. Don’t take notes

Don’t write anything down – just assume people will remember what was said, and what they have to do next, and your meeting will be pointless.